Well travelled

Jonathan and Rachel Willcock’s time in Latin America this summer, went super well. They spent some of their time at a missionary training centre for indigenous people.
If they are able, they plan to return next year for a few more months to do follow up on what they did this year and to help in some new areas as well.

Their 40-hour trip back to England from Bolivia went a lot better than they anticipated and they recovered quickly from jet lag.

Back in the UK, Jonathan and Rachel attended a conference in Cloverley Hall, near Whitchurch, along with people from a variety of different mission organisations. It went well and was an encouraging full few days. They met up with a colleague from North Cotes who was also attending, along with other global partners.

Jonathan and Rachel Willcock are back in England now until November, when Jonathan will be going to Southeast Asia mainland. He will be attending the Global Partners Forum there, and after the forum, he will be teaching about the new Engage Culture and Language Acquisition (CLA) programme that is coming out soon. This programme will be a huge help to missionaries learning culture and language around the world. Jonathan also has his yearly heart check-ups towards the end of November, so will be in England for those.

This month they plan to continue with online projects that were started during lockdown, and will continue with online meetings that happen most days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Jonathan works with others on the new Engage CLA programme, and accompanying app that he has been involved in for several years. It has been a long ongoing project but they hope that when it is finished it will be really good and easy to use.