Tim and Miriam have already been in Asia-Pacific for two months. They have begun to immerse themselves into life in this new place, taking in many new sights, sounds, smells, tastes and a hotter climate. They have settled in pretty well and begun to adjust.

After arriving safely, they were dropped off at their new house, and given time to get over the jetlag. They then spent some days shopping for furniture and items for their home. During this time, they also met the team and the five other missionary families who arrived at the same time. Having a strong team who have been a great help to them has been encouraging. They then had a couple of weeks of official orientation and further time to explore the town, walk around the neighbourhood and observe things going on. Where Tim and Miriam live, they are a part of a network of approximately 40 houses that form one little community. The community has a leader to whom they are accountable; and so, a few days after arriving, they were introduced to him and officially welcomed into the group. In this area, there are monthly men and women’s meetings, also community workdays and socials. They are very thankful to the Lord for neighbours who have been very friendly; quite a few of them are Christians.

A month ago, Tim and Miriam started language learning sessions. Their language helpers are local nationals that have a good understanding of English, and many of them have lots of experience in this work. It takes a lot of work for Tim and Miriam to plan, participate and practice the lesson material, making life very busy; therefore, they need to manage their time well. Thankfully, they have house helpers in the mornings on weekdays who help clean, prepare lunch and watch their two-year-old daughter Phoebe, during their language sessions. Phoebe fascinates people. She copes with the attention very well and is happy. They are also thankful that she has taken well to the house helpers.

They have visited the hospital where they plan for Miriam to give birth in December. It is an hour away from where they live. They met the doctor, who speaks excellent English, and discussed the pregnancy. Miriam also had a 20-week scan showing them a healthy baby boy!

In early October, they should be able to obtain a one-year work visa without having to leave the country. This would be a great answer to prayer because if possible they want to avoid travelling so late in Miriam’s pregnancy.

Prayer Requests:

  • For their walk with the Lord.
  • Wisdom in parenting.
  • Managing time well.
  • Language and culture learning.
  • Work visas.
  • Health and strength.