Week five of teaching

There was a record attendance for the stories that were told this week; Abraham and Isaac, Joseph and Moses. Those are some BIG stories, and the team feel that perhaps it was good that they had to cancel the teaching on Thursday and Friday, to give the people time to think them over. Pray that while they slash and burn in the fields, they will continue to ponder some of the spiritual truths that the team tried to communicate this week. Main spiritual truths taught this week:
God is faithful and keeps His promise.
God has a plan to save us, introducing the principal of substitution.
Donovan and Charla Epp with Thea, Koi and Zane enjoyed watching some of the Agta relax a bit as they’ve become more comfortable with the meetings. It seems that they have more freedom to answer questions missionaries John or Don might ask, and seem to actually enjoy themselves. The team try and make the teaching as fun as possible. They use lots of illustrations as well as teach using different mediums just to keep things exciting. For the story of Joseph they decided to do some acting. They needed volunteers for the eleven other brothers. They had many volunteers. Thea, Koi, and Zane were a huge part of that night, with Zane getting his first taste of acting on a stage. Don and Char are so thankful for the part their children are playing in the teaching. They help get things set up, and are willing participants in illustrations. However what really is special is for them to see is how they are encouraging their friends. They sit with them, watch to make sure they are understanding and are inwardly cheering them on to an understanding of who God is.
It takes a lot of concentration on the part of Don and John to continue teaching amongst the distractions that take place during the evening but they have done a good job at going with the flow, talking over the commotion, and making sure their points are heard. The funny thing is that as distracting as it seems for the team, the Agta adults don’t seem to notice. They stay focused and attentive… it’s pretty neat.
Pray that the Agta will be excited to get back to the story. Cultures that pass down stories through oral tradition love the story telling, so pray that God’s story would become a part of the Agta oral tradition; passing on God’s truth in generations to come.

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