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Ruth a former student at North Cotes College will be mainly working for CEF Europe based in Northern Ireland, but will travel to other countries when she needs to liaise with them. We are also very thankful for her continued help with the website here at NTM-UK.

Ruth has been amazed to see God working in her life to bring all this together; He has continually showed her the way and encouraged her through new people and those who have been supporting her for years. Through all of this, Ruth has been so aware of how much she needs to rely on Him and trust Him for each step. Moreover, how much she needs to be in His Word because it really is the guide for life. Recently, Ruth was reminded that knowing His promises and actually living them out are two completely different things.

She is currently a trainee because she is only starting out which means she needs to build a network of support and prayer. Ruth hopes to go along with another CEF – Europe worker on her deputation for three weeks (in NI) which would help to get the work she is doing for CEF more recognized. During this time, she will also be auditing a five-week training course called CMLC (Children’s Ministry Leadership Course). This all starts at the end of October so she is going to be very busy between now and Christmas.

Ruth continues to help in her church. She helped at the ‘Holiday Bible Club’ over the summer where there were more than 200 children registered, with reports of some being saved, praise the Lord! She also continues to help with the senior citizens: they are a real blessing and full of wisdom. Any other spare time is filled with visiting friends and helping out with family.

Ruth would value your prayers as she continues this journey.

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