Weathering the storm

Francois and Nadia’s desire is that their attitude reflects their hope and trust in the Lord through all these changes! Thank you for your prayers, they greatly covet them now more than ever.

Nadia’s passport was lost somewhere during their three month travel, sleeping over in more than twelve different places. They did not even know where to start looking! It took four weeks for the new passport to be issued and there was a six hour drive to collect it.

They praise the Lord that they were finally able to leave Mozambique to take a short visit to their home country.
Whilst they were in South Africa Francois’ dad fell and broke his arm close to the shoulder. The Lord miraculously provided a place for them to stay while they took turns to help Francois’ mother to take care of his dad.

The journey back to the village in Mozambique was rather dramatic and they were glad to be back home and praise the Lord for His protection all the way!

Back in the village, they found their house in disrepair with some damage to the roof. It rained in, and aside from a few rotten spots on the ceiling and walls, as well as some mouldy clothes, they got away with relatively little damage.

The Lord answered their prayers about the future. They prayed for wisdom regarding the last four years of senior school for their kids. Francois and Nadia wanted to make wise decisions that will help them to have a good future.

Francois and Nadia do not believe the Lord is releasing them from the Mwinika Church plant, but the Lord is leading them to move their base of operation to South Africa for a season. not only for their three teens’ sake, but also for their elderly parents who need them closer as well as for Francois whose health has taken a hard knock over the last few years.

They plan to move back to South Africa and Nadia will focus on helping their kids transition into a culture that they never really have been part of since they grew up in Mozambique. They all need your prayers in this regard! They are looking at locating in the Cape area near a Christian school that Heidi would like to attend. They hope to find a place in a neighbourhood were the housing is relatively low-cost, and where there is a satellite church of one of their supporting churches and the couple that leads this church are very dear friends of theirs. Pray that the Lord will open doors and clearly lead them.

Apart from helping his family transition to South Africa, Francois’s other main focus will still be the ministry under the Mwinika people, but now more in the role of a “coach/consultant” for the new believers. They believe that the

Mwinika church needs to learn to stand on their own feet and to trust and seek the Lord’s help rather than the missionary’s. At the same time, they are aware that cutting loose from a fairly new born church too soon also is not prudent. Their partners, Phil and Elin, will still live in the village, from where they continue to work amongst the Mwinika and also travel regionally due to their leadership role and other responsibilities. Francois will spend several months of next year in the village, but their home base will be in South Africa. They plan to visit the village as a family in the middle of next year.

Nadia will also start to help out with the training of missionaries at NTM’s (Integral Vision, South East Africa) and will continue to be trained as a literacy consultant for the field.

At this stage it seems that the best time to make the transition will be in the second half of July.

Pray for wisdom as they share this news with their Mwinika friends. After twelve years in the Mwinika village they are thoroughly part of the community but they know that the Lord’s timing is perfect; they trust in Him!

Please continue to pray for a strong, mature Mwinika.

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