Weary but happy

The next day it was straight into working verse by verse incorporating things that arose in the check of 1 & 2 Corinthians and 1 John.

Then meeting for several days with the three Banwaon translation assistants further checking and implementing changes. Next, they printed the new version for one of the villagers to proofread. This was followed by hours and hours of formatting for printing. Albert has marked up copy of 1 Corinthians after the translation check.

On top of all that, there is a new corn-mill project, plus teaching guys how to build hollow concrete blocks, upgrading the helipad and ongoing literacy training.

lbert and Lynne are also involved with the Banwaon High School. Last week they attended the end-of-school programme. At the very end of the morning students performed a delightful indigenous dance based on traditional Banwaon movements.

It has been a year since God opened the doors through generous donors to hire three teachers and start the high school. The three teachers have been just wonderful. All three are keen to return when the new school year starts in May. Pray for an additional teacher! Although the physical high school is not yet built, the plan is to add Grade 9 this year.

Albert and Lynne are thankful for prayer, encouragement, support that enables them to keep serving God and the Banwaon people on Mindanao as a mature church is strengthened, and His Word is translated.

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