We were dancing

Ten days after leaving America we touched down in Amdu,” wrote Benjamin and Missy Hatton. “As we tumbled out of the plane, the Amdu language came fast and familiar to our ears from the lips of so many friends. There were sweaty forehead rubs and lots of knuckle pops which translates into a whole bunch of affectionate greeting. For the rest of the day, we were greeted by those returning to the village from their gardens, each one excited to tell us where they were when the plane flew over and all of them saying, ’I was dancing when you came!’ This is the ultimate showcase of Amdu approval…

We are so happy to be a part of this mountain community and are thrilled with the healthy relationships God has given us… Benjamin plans to restart our post literacy programme. This is a programme for the graduates of the literacy course. It is designed to be done at home on the student’s own time each day. Once a week we will meet and evaluate each student’s progress. They have a series of books to progress through. Since we were gone, the graduates made some progress and we are going to take a look at just how far each one got, starting this week. Then we will meet each day until all the students are confident with how to continue on their own. This is a watershed moment for these students. Will they be motivated enough to discipline themselves to practice each day and advance?

We are also hoping to start building a classroom of our own. Thus far, we have been borrowing space in a local meeting house. All the supplies are set for constructing this new classroom. Pray that we would have enough interest to see the project started and completed quickly.

Important as these projects are we are hoping to keep them on the periphery of our time investment and spend the bulk of our days on moving translation and Bible curriculum development forward. While Missy devotes time to home schooling the kids she also will be giving time to translation… Pray for her as she produces rough drafts and then gets with language helpers who will help improve it.

Benjamin has been devoting his time to writing Bible lessons that will clearly explain the Gospel in a chronological approach from Creation through the ascension of Christ. These lessons are a synthesis of all we understand of the Scripture, the Amdu language and the Amdu culture. We are trusting the Lord to help us create the clearest explanation of God’s expression of His love to us in Christ Jesus. These are very exciting days as God gives insight and Benjamin sees more clearly how best to communicate the truth of the Gospel.

Continue to pray for great wisdom, insight and opportunities to learn. The lesson writing process necessarily includes Amdu language helpers. These few will become the first to hear the Gospel clearly… Pray the Gospel of grace comes clearly and powerfully to these people through our frailty…”

Pray for the Hattons as they settle back into to ministry among the Amdu people of Papua New Guinea.