We have water!

There was one obstacle after another and more than once Alessandro and Chantal thought the whole thing would be cancelled but the well drilling team persevered and finally arrived and drilled the well. Unfortunately the water is not very clean and they’re looking for a solution to that so please keep praying.
Before the well was finished, Alessandro and Chantal had to travel to Dakar. It was time for Isabel, the volunteer who came to help with the children, to leave and return home. She was a tremendous help and they were very sad to see her go.

While in Dakar, they participated in a two-week workshop about Bible teaching. Since they work in a culture that is different to their own, it’s important they understand the core beliefs of the people they work with. They must evaluate how these beliefs align themselves with Biblical truth and how they can teach these important truths through Bible stories in a way the people will understand. The workshop was a great help and will be especially beneficial for their co-worker who will be starting to develop a Bible teaching curriculum. His wife will be starting to translate the portions of the Old Testament which they still need for the Bible teaching. Pray for them as they work on these important projects!

Pray for Alessandro and Chantal’s language and culture study. They hope to resume language sessions soon. Pray that they may have good language helpers, progress well and will soon be able to communicate well. Pray for wisdom as to how to occupy their children during their language sessions. It’s a big adjustment for Samuel and Jolissa as they often feel overwhelmed by the people. Samuel currently has a throat infection and both kids have lots of sores on their legs and arms which tend to get infected.

At the beginning of July Alessandro and Chantal returned to the village and about a week later, they moved into their new house! It is a real joy for them to finally be getting settled in their own home! Of course, there are still projects to complete and boxes to empty but they are getting there. They are thankful for the help of the daughter of missionaries in Dakar who is staying with them for six weeks. Pray for Chantal as she tries to train a cleaning lady to help around the house. Also pray that they will have good relationships with their new neighbours.

Alessandro and Chantal often feel overwhelmed and tired. Pray that they may cling to God at all times and find their strength in Him. In a few weeks Chantal’s parents will be visiting them! They are very thankful and excited and they hope that during that time they will be able to take at least a few days off to rest.

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