We don’t have to guess anymore!

As the missionaries were presenting some short clips about the huge variety of flowers, fruit and animals the people were in awe. One of the ladies said: “Wow, The Lord Above is so powerful!”
When they told the people that God’s story has been written down in a book, so that we know his desire, one of the grandfathers answered: “We don’t have to guess anymore what the God Above’s talk is, it’s been written down!”
Please continue to pray that the people would stay interested and make time to come to the meetings. The missionary team is teaching in two different locations and this has worked well so far. But the people are not consistent in coming. This makes it hard to teach a continuous story, as they find themselves with an entirely different group from one meeting to the next, and it forces them to repeat the previous lesson, instead of just doing a review.
Paul and Irene have to remind themselves that it is the Lord who is drawing the people to Himself. They can only invite them over and over again. Pray for wisdom as they interact with the people and challenge them in their way of thinking.
Pray that the missionary team would stay focused on what the Lord has for them. Pray for wisdom as they have to decide how to go about the teaching over the next couple of weeks. There are several weddings coming up, as well as a major cultural feast where they close the last rice-year and open up the new one. These are all big events with almost everyone in the village attending.
Pray that the Lord would continue to draw the Kendawangan people and soften their hearts.
Paul and Irene are thankful that a consultant for Bible translation was able to visit and check the first 14 chapters of Genesis. These are now ready to be printed and they are hoping to make two booklets – one with the creation story to the story of Abraham and one with the story of Joseph. Several people have asked them for the Scripture and they praise the Lord for their interest.

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