Water wheel

The city is on an island not too far from their ‘final’ destination. In the village where they will be working, there is an ongoing project by the missionary team to provide electricity by means of a water wheel.
After many years of work, it seems to be on the point of functioning, but there are still a few kinks to work out and most of the houses are not yet connected to the generator. Since this project is an important part of the team’s relationship and ministry in the village, it is important to try and get it up and running. Sasch and a friend (a relative of their co-workers, who has worked on the project in the past) are spending a couple of weeks in the village to hopefully accomplish this goal. They had a safe trip, in spite of rain and the roads being very washed out, and made good progress in the first couple days of work. Unfortunately there were/are a few more problems with the project than anticipated; hopefully they will be able to be resolved. Pray for wisdom and good ideas as Sasch and his colleague work, that they will be able to work quickly and that relationships with the villagers will be strengthened through the project
Of course this means that Charissa and the boys are home alone for two weeks. There is no mobile phone reception in the village, so she can only communicate with Sasch through email, which they check once or twice a day. As you can imagine this is not much fun for them and can be nerve wracking, especially when Charissa has to take care of things that are normally Sasch’s responsibility (like figuring out how to maintain the really wacky water system in their house!) Additionally, Judah has come down with a cold again, which makes thing tougher both emotionally and in keeping up with daily life. Pray that Ruben and Judah don’t miss their daddy too much and for Charissa to have the strength emotionally and physically to keep up with everything.

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