Walk by faith

As Regina moves forward without knowing exactly what lies ahead, she trusts God to give direction; He knows what is coming next. Sometimes she would love to know exactly what she is getting into, but Jesus motivates Regina to trust her life to Him alone, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Her desire is that God would guide and use her for His glory, so as she looks to Him and listens to His call, she keeps moving forward. The believer’s walk with the Lord is one of endurance, co-ordination, strength, energy, teamwork and with all of the heart, mind and soul. We are not alone in it. We have Christ in us, we have a great team of brothers, and sisters who pray, encourage and walk with us! Regina is grateful for that.

She is also thankful that when she looks back she can see that she has been led very faithfully up to this point. Jesus did not leave nor forsake her. That gives Regina courage for the next stage!

God willing, Regina will leave for Senegal in early September. Next weekend she will say goodbye in her home church. As departure is getting closer and closer and she becomes more aware of the goodbyes that she has to say, she is thankful for prayer.