Over the winter Dennis Easton has been working on a special project. He edited and compiled 43 chronological Ga’dang Bible lessons into a bound book. These are the lessons that were taught in the village. The book includes coloured illustrations and maps to capture the reader’s interest.

The goal for this book is simple: they want to distribute the book to each household and provide another way for them to encounter and interact with the Good News of the Gospel in their language. The translated title of this book is, “The Inter-Connected Story of the Bible.”

Fifty copies of the book were recently delivered to their home. They will repackage them and get them shipped off to the Philippines soon!

Dennis and Valerie’s co-workers welcomed their little daughter into their family last month!

While the Eastons long to get back to the Philippines soon, they are finding that there are many things to consider – hoops to jump through, paperwork they are waiting on, and frequently changing regulations. Each day they pray that the Lord will direct their steps and guide them in that day’s activities. With this approach, they are able to move forward step by small step.

For now, the Lord is only showing them the path for the immediate future: pack the books and ship them, finish the school year, downsize the home assignment collection of “stuff.”

Prayer Requests

-For their daughter Lael as she prepares to go to college in the autumn, and for Dennis and Valerie as they prepare to leave her!

-For faith as the Lord directs their paths and that He takes them back to the Philippines in His timing

-That the lesson book will be helpful to the Ga’dang in their understanding of the Gospel

-For their co-workers as they adjust to their new family dynamics


-Praise the Lord for the safe arrival of their co-worker’s baby!

-They are thankful for opportunities to serve in Canada whilst on home assignment

-That they were able to spend a weekend with their former co-workers among the Ga’dang

-That God is working out His perfect plan

-That Lael has made a decision about college and has been accepted at Ethnos Bible Institute