The people group they want to reach with the Gospel is not easily accessed by road or air and there are no other NTM works or support bases in the area.

They are expecting a hard slog in Bible teaching and discipleship (after the language learning of course!) which will need to be balanced with literacy and translation efforts; and an extra team members would really help.

This month Steve and Gerdine will be going to Madang for a week to meet the missionaries who have just arrived in PNG to be Church planters. They are praying that one of the six new families will be interested in working with them.

While they wait Steve and Gerdine are at work around Goroka.  Gerdine is working full time in the business office that serves NTM PNGs missionaries and Steve is fulfilling a Bible teaching need.

Two schools in the immediate area; a primary school with 200 children and a technical college with 900 adults have asked NTM to come in and do chronological Bible teaching.  Steve and co-worker Philip are at the technical college five times a week, an hour every day and see all 900 students. The response has been overwhelmingly positive with students staying behind after the lesson to say how glad they are to receive the teaching.

Pray that God’s Word touches the hearts of these young people and children; in PNG legalistic church going is the norm.  Pray that during the 68 lessons it takes to complete the chronological teaching that God’s Spirit would make the truth of God’s grace shine in their hearts.

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