Waiting on the Lord

It is a year since Paul started with abdominal pains and feeling unwell resulting in a medical evacuation from Papua New Guinea to Cairns Australia and subsequent return to Chesterfield England in October.

In the past when Paul and Susan have taken scheduled furloughs or ‘home assignments’ there is planning and preparation and anticipation and an effort to make sure things are in place for the Gende Bible Church. This time though they experienced a sudden and drastic uprooting from their routine in the village, a total disruption to their plans and goals there that they had made before the Lord, and a need to immediately leave their dear brothers and sisters in the hands of the Lord under the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Of course some of those things are not necessarily bad. And there are of course many things they do not miss about PNG but Paul and Susan certainly miss their brothers and sisters in the Lord. Continue to pray for them with all the temptations and pulls they face each day.

When they left PNG, Paul and a Gende Bible teacher had completed the teaching at another hamlet and were in the process of bringing some folks who had professed salvation in to the fellowship and starting to teach them and grow them further. Another Gende Bible teacher and Susan were working on some translation projects: 1 and 2 Thessalonians and completing some chapters missing from earlier efforts at 1 Corinthians. Please continue to pray for them as they do what they can to teach and care for the Gende believers. And pray for the witness of all the believers and that more will be saved and added to the Church.

Paul and Susan are not yet able to say there is improvement in Paul’s condition so they wait on, looking to the Lord. They enjoy having Emma and family closer again in Sheffield, near to Rachel and family. Emma’s husband Dave has just started on his course in tropical medicine in preparation for going out to work as one of the doctors in the NTM clinic in PNG next year. Laura is enjoying her OT job working with people who have learning disabilities.

Paul and Susan have been able to share the Gospel briefly with a number of people and hand out Gospel literature.

Paul has started to teach Ephesians each week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at two churches who have requested help in Bible study.

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