Waiting on the Lord

Lance and Laura Ostman have been ministering to the Higaunon people of the Philippines since 1983. Recently they returned for a visit to their mountain village home.

They arrived in the country three and a half weeks ago. God blessed them with a wonderful week with their daughter and family in Manila. They had quality time with the grandkids while their mum and dad did work they needed to do.

Towards the end of their stay in Manila, they had a bad virus. Despite that, Lance and Laura flew to another island and spent most days just resting at the guesthouse, waiting to feel better. They did go out a couple of times to do some supply buying, but then they would go back and rest because it wore them out. This virus has really hit them hard. They both have coughs and general weakness. Please pray that they start feeling ‘normal’ soon.

The Lord allowed them to get into their village on Wednesday last week. He gave them the grace to get mostly settled in the first day. Laura has been busy with her daily routine but Lance has mainly been resting, as he still feels awful. Pray for them as they wait on the LORD to renew their strength.

Lance and Laura hope soon to be doing the final comprehension check with fellow missionaries and their translation assistants on 1 and 2 Kings. When those books are completed, Lance will do the initial check on Ezra with his translation assistant. You are vital to this ministry!

Thank you for your partnership in prayer!