Waiting for the green light

Philip and Natalie were disappointed not to be able to move into a tribe just yet but they see the wisdom in having a three-unit team. Pray that someone will join them soon.

In the meantime, they have enjoyed attending a two-week Bible teacher-training course, held for national believers. It was a great opportunity for them to learn from an experienced missionary who has worked in PNG for many years.

Now Philip and co-worker Steve have an amazing opportunity in a school for further education that had been asking for a while for NTM to teach the Bible in their classes. Two weeks ago, Philip and Steve started teaching at a Technical Vocational Institute/School, which has about 900 students. They teach around 150 students daily (maybe 900 students a week) chronologically through the Bible. They are really open to learn. Next week Philip and Steve will be teaching another school as well. Pray for them as they teach.

In addition, the mission clinic had a big need for more personnel since an experienced nurse was delayed in herreturn so Natalie started working in the mission clinic. Last of all, there is another change to consider in their plans.

In February, Philp and Steve were asked to do another survey for NTM. People in they visited have also been asking for missionaries for many years. There are many needs in this country.
Over two weeks ago, Natalie started to experience complications in her pregnancy and since then she has been on bedrest. They hold on to knowledge that the Lord loves the baby even more than they do. He made him/her and He knows what is best. But it is still hard and scary. A recent ultrasound looked more positive and so Natalie praises the Lord that she is not on as strict bedrest anymore. Pray for the baby’s development and that Philip andNatalie can fly to Germany for the delivery; which can only happen if the complications stop.

Due to these complications, Philip and Natalie cannot go to Madang to meet the new missionaries as the doctor wants them close by the clinic. Their co-workers, the Stanleys, will go to represent the work where they want to be involved.

Philip and Natalie are so thankful for the privilege of being part of the worldwide family of God. Even though they wish their families could be close by, God is sending them His love and care through His wider family. Pray for them.

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