Coming from Germany, Nelli would celebrate Advent, a time of waiting, remembering how the people of Israel have been waiting for the Messiah to come. Now we are waiting for the Messiah’s second coming! In this world, everything is organised to minimise waiting so that more things can be accomplished in a shorter time. Yet it is interesting to see how God in His Word and also today is using periods of waiting to accomplish His goals! As Andrew and Nelli wait on the Lord, their focus is drawn and brought back to Him and so their trust and faith in HIM is strengthened. As a family, they also continue to wait on God’s timing. It takes a long time for visas to be processed and so Andrew and Nelli wait on God to get the visas for serving Him with Crossview in Australia. Because of the mind-set of this world, they have to admit that they often find it to be a real challenge to wait on the Lord but obviously He has a purpose and plan in all of this…
Andrew and Nelli thank God for the opportunities He has given them to be involved in the community where they live in Northern Ireland. Nelli continues to keep busy with weekly Bible studies and discipleship with several girls from the area and also from church. They have been experiencing a great blessing here as we see these ladies grow in the Lord. They are also so thankful to God for providing for them yet again through a member of our church who offered Andrew a part-time job in his building company. Debi and Joshua are doing well and are enjoying school.
Andrew and Nelli are so thankful for prayers for Nelli’s nephew, David, who has had cancer in the brain for six years now. The cancer has spread and grown larger even while taking strong chemotherapy. But David is a fighter and is presently doing considerably well although it’s a very hard time for everyone and especially for his wife, Regina.
*This article is published with Andy and Nelli’s permission.

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