Volunteering in PNG

Alan and Eileen still have a lot of sights and sounds and smells of PNG to get used to, but thye have met some amazing people with many years service among tribal peoples.

Eileen is very much appreciated in the clinic and she has already encountered some new illnesses, like Dengue fever, malaria and TB alongside the usual familiar western illnesses. She is dealing with both missionary and national patients and there are a few ex pat patients who come for their medical check-ups. The clinic is small but nevertheless has the facilities to take X-Rays and analyse blood samples. Eileen has also had to help with three “Medivacs” (flying a very sick patient out to Australia). This involves the co-ordination of several teams with pilots, nurses, doctors, drivers etc. and liaison with the accepting hospital, usually in Cairns or even Brisbane. The doctor may also have to accompany the patient on the journey.

Alan has been doing some odd jobs around the compound. There are a number of buildings on the compound that require maintenance and the maintenance team itself is made up of both nationals and missionaries. He is now involved with writing some documentation for the business team and is helping with the preparation of supplies to be flown out to the bush missionaries.

Alan and Eileen were able to attend a conference where they heard reports from missionaries who live in the tribes and teach literacy, translate and teach the Bible. Some of these locations are very remote but some are also nearby. Alan and Eileen find it a true privilege to be in PNG working with some amazing people.

Pray for Alan and Eileen to keep in good health and enjoy the rest of their three months in PNG.

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