Volunteering at North Cotes

Steve and Gerdine successfully moved from the Netherlands to England in August and spent some time with Steve’s family and managed to complete almost all of their preparation for PNG. Now they are helping in the kitchen at North Cotes until Christmas break. They enjoy the work and are grateful that that they can be busy. They cook for around 40 people each day. Steve made a chicken korma one day that went down so well one of the students said “This is the best meal ever!” Maybe it was exaggeration… but they’re still glad to be appreciated!
Their checklist is complete and they praise the Lord for; work permits, entry visas and plane tickets for PNG. They have prepared for taxes, got rid of excess stuff and had the necessary injections.
Steve and Gerdine’s departure date is mid-January 2016 but before then they will take a trip to the Netherlands to say their goodbyes. Their last two weeks will be spent in Bracknell saying goodbye there too. Pray for them that their relationships with God would become nearer and dearer as the reality of leaving comes ever closer.

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