Their visitors also helped them sort and laminate the last literacy books. Besides that, they experienced quite a variety of aspects of life in West Africa, including a baby being born in the yard one night in the rain, as the mother did not make it in time to the hospital! (Both are fine and well.)

Praise the Lord that Aaron has been able to continue with his language studies with his Glarro helper regularly in spite of an almost full work schedule on the office building. He has been too busy to study with another of his Glarro helpers so he has been helping with the literacy classes.

The literacy class continues to take place Monday-Fridays. Splitting the class in two has proved to be very helpful, both classes are able to make progress at their own pace, and the same people are faithfully attending.

Amy continues to work on Bible comprehension checking with a few different people. This means that she reads translated sections of the Bible to them and then asks them questions to see how well they understand it.

Continue to pray for a small group (at least four to five Glarro men) that will help Aaron put the Bible lessons into good, understandable Glarro. (He hopes to start meeting with them in December or January in the new office building that will hopefully be finished by then.) Pray that God would direct Aaron in his relationships leading him to the right people who should be a part of that team, and directing his conversations with them.

Amy continues to do Bible comprehension checking reading through Acts and sections of the Old Testament. She is looking for one more person to read the book of Acts to. Pray that the Lord will direct her to the right person.

Pray for one of Aaron’s first language helpers, who knows a lot of the Bible but is not ready to give up his lifestyle choices. Yet, there are times when they have the impression that he may be under conviction as well.

Continue to pray for wisdom and boldness for Aaron and Amy in their interaction with people in the village and open doors to tell them about the truths of the Bible. Recently Aaron had the opportunity to speak into a situation where somebody was accused through witchcraft.

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