Visits and maintaining contacts and friendships are an important part of the culture in West Africa. Four days of the week, Regina meets with her language helpers. Therefore, she also has some time to make visits especially with people who live further away, who she does not see so often. She often takes her West African friend with her on these visits.

Recently, Regina visited a lady who she had not seen since September. She had lost her apartment and job. Pray that she will find a job very soon and a place to stay. The children were very happy that Regina and her friend visited. The boy had dreamed of a birthday cake and children singing to him and he kept talking about it. Regina’s flatmate baked a cake and they both set out with their West African friend to deliver the cake. They spent three hours on different public transport, often squeezed tightly with others, which was quite exhausting during the 45 km journey. They had many good encounters and good conversations with their friend on the way.

The children then stayed with Regina for a week and life was very busy. She found it humbling seeing what they go through and why they do what they do. The experience helped her to be less judgemental and thankful that she is not in the same place and position.

Some weeks ago, Regina invited her friend’s nephew, who lives in a village and is rarely in Dakar, to attend church together. He saw a baptism for the first time. The speaker preached on what makes someone a Christian, and that it is not someone with a Christian name. People often associate the name with the religion.

During a recent religious celebration, Regina had the opportunity to visit some acquaintances from her first time in Senegal who live in another part of the city. The next major celebration will be in July and she already has an invitation from friends in a village. Pray for opportunities to talk about Jesus’ sacrifice.

She has also met with friends of a different religion. When there is a celebration, it is also an occasion to buy new clothes, which is culturally important as it shows solidarity.

Recently Regina’s American flat mate left, to return to her country of service. Now, there are only two in the apartment.  They will miss her but the room will not be empty for long, in a few weeks they will get an Italian flat mate. They have to get used to people coming and going.