Visiting at last

Because their last home assignment was stretched out much longer than Ralf, Elli and Mimi Schlegel expected it had been over two years since they last saw their Dinangat friends. The weather was just beautiful as they landed on the banana-shape (first down, then up!), airstrip and the warm welcome of their friends was even more beautiful and exciting. Everyone quickly asked how Naomi and Rebekka their two older daughters were doing and so they talked, shared, and listened to their stories.

On the first couple of days, they were busy with just cleaning the house, laundering, fixing things like the water and power system and the internet connection.

The main reason for their visit was to find out how the church is doing and how they and their co-workers who travelled with them can assist them now and in the near future. They also tried to meet as often as possible with their translation helpers to work on the Bible translation and on the Children’s Bible. Unfortunately, Ralf’s main two helpers were not available because they were in town, so he was not able to get as far as he hoped. However, he was very thankful for a man who spontaneously helped him with checking the first six chapters of Hebrews.

Here are a few prayer requests:

• The neighbouring village desires to hear God’s story in their language. Please pray for Dinangat believers who can go to teach them.

• Believers of a different tribe want to go and visit the Dinangat church to encourage them. Please pray that this will actually work out.

• In October, the three families of the missionary team will visit the Dinangat church again for two weeks. Among other things, they would like to teach 2 Corinthians to the Bible teachers so that they would be able to teach it to the church. Please pray for wisdom and that all Bible teachers will be there when that takes place.

• A few weeks ago they were able to finish the first draft of James and start translating 1 John. Please pray for wisdom!

Thank you so very much for your vital part in praying for the Dinangat ministry.