Visa Renewal

Richard and Wendy had been waiting for a letter from the social development department that would allow them to get a one year visa, but the letter had not arrived, so they were going to apply for another 90 days but praise the Lord they now have a one year visa.
Richard also travelled the ten hour trip to Chiang Mai this week to catch the tail end of a People Group Assessment workshop. He had hoped to attend more than just the last day of it (it is three days long) but the dates conflicted with their visa renewal. People Group Assessment has to do with surveying people groups to find out where and how missionaries should use church planting resources. Not all of the seminar will apply to their situation, but as they look at relocating in the near future, there are things in the workshop that would be good to learn. Richard will be able to attend on Thursday. Today he will be meeting with some of the field leadership so he can find out more about their thoughts, ideas and vision for the family’s move and leadership can find out more of Richard and Wendy’s thoughts, ideas and vision. Pray for these meetings as Richard seeks wise counsel and God’s leading in this. God knows how Richard and Wendy can best reach the Karen people with the gospel. Ps. 127:1 says, “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”
Richard also plans to go on an information gathering trip with another couple who hope to move to the same area. They would like to meet the headman of the village, find out if different people groups live in different areas of the town find out if it would be feasible to open a foundation office in the area, see if there are houses to rent and build relationships with members of the community. Pray that this would be a profitable weekend and God would direct them to meet the people that would help them find out the things they need to know. Pray for safety as they will be doing a lot of travelling on some of the curviest roads in the country.

Pray as they meet with Leke Karen leaders. Richard is going along to interpret.  Wendy’s dad, George, spent time building relationships with different Leke folk and the Leke people have a great respect for George.  As he had a chance to teach some Leke folk in Sarawat, they understood and trusted in Christ.  Pray for Richard and his colleagues to have wisdom as they meet these folk to be able to build relationships that will open doors to teach them about the One True God who wants to have a relationship with them and has made a way possible through His Son Jesus.

Pray for Wendy and the children while Richard is away for a whole week.  The hot season is has arrived and it is getting up to 100 degrees in the day (37 C).  Pray for energy for Wendy and graceful harmony for the children.  Wendy’s mum Gwen Pierce will be there as well, so that is a big help.

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