Very, very excited

Hugo and Mariana Morales are thankful for support and prayers as they serve in Mexico. God has been so good to them. He has taken care of and provided them with more than necessary. Above all, they give thanks to God for His love and salvation.

This week they received a call from the mission leadership, giving them the news that due to the research that they have been carrying out over the past few months, Chiapas (a state in Mexico)will  now be classed as a new work. This means that when there are missionaries considering Mexico as a mission field, Chiapas will be on the list of places to work. It has been decided to start working with the Tseltal group, one of the largest in Chiapas.

There are still many things to be specified, such as establishing exactly which Tseltal village to go first (since there are many), work strategy, team building, etc. Leadership plans to pay Hugo and Mariana a visit in the near future, to be able to talk about all this and to make a plan of steps to follow, but it all depends on the pandemic. They are very happy with this decision and grateful to God and to the leadership and are very, very excited to see where God takes them to serve Him.


That the Lord will always give Hugo and Mariana courage and the necessary words to share His messages of salvation, that they can always remember His sacrifice and have it as the most precious thing in their lives.

For the pandemic to end. May the Lord help them to be patient, recognising that He in His perfect will allowed this and that He has a purpose.

That the people take the pandemic situation seriously and be obedient to the government restrictions.