Very exciting!

This has been the third time Lourens and Marie Laureti have returned to PNG after home assignment and this adjustment was the hardest ever as they miss two of their daughters. Madeleen stayed in South Africa at Camphill (a village community that provides a safe environment for intellectually challenged adults to live and work, so that they can experience a meaningful and fulfilling life) and she loves her life as an “independent” maturing adult. Naomi is doing great in the boarding programme and school she is attending now on the main island of Papua New Guinea.

Marlou is surprising them with how well she copes without her sister. Needless to say, that first few weeks was full of tears and pain. Liam now has a home schoolteacher. All of a sudden, he is excited about learning.

Within their first week back in PNG, the volcano, Mt. Ulawun, erupted and has done so twice since then. Each time this happens, the airstrip closes for two weeks, meaning no travel to or from their island.

After home assignment, that sometimes can be lonesome in some ways, they are enjoying being back with friends and co-workers in PNG; people whom they have grown to love over the years. On the support centre, there are people from four nationalities. God often uses them in each other’s lives.

Their Mengen co-workers, the Flanagans, are back after six years out of the work. With them back in the tribe, it frees up Lourens and Marie to help at the support centre. Marie has worked in the supply department for the last two months, making sure missionaries get the food supplies they need while living in remote locations. Lourens continues to work as a liaison amongst the already established churches in PNG. These churches do not have missionaries amongst them anymore, therefore, he has a discipleship role and slowly but surely, they are joining hands in becoming the CHURCH IN PNG.

The Mengen New Testament is at the printers. Sometime soon, the Bibles will be shipped from the USA to PNG and the people will have a Bible in their own language. Very exciting!

Lourens and Marie are thankful to those who faithfully support them with prayer and finances.