Robert and Rosemarie have been trying to find someone to house-sit for them; thankfully a student is willing to do this for them. Please pray for all the details to come together to make the trip a memorable and precious time. Rosemarie is a little excited and very overwhelmed at the prospect of being back in the UK.
Things are going well at the training centre, Robert still has to be careful what he does when lifting, he has to let the young fellows lift the heavy things but other than that thing seems to be doing alright. Rosemarie has been pretty busy with prayer classes and keeping up with news from around the world (more than 20 people groups are either hearing or preparing to teach the chronological Bible lessons for the first time ever). In some areas that are located close to borders this means the message is spreading beyond the countries where NTM works. However with the expansion of the Gospel also come many struggles; such as dealing with outbreaks of TB, measles, dengue fever and many other health issues among these people groups. It’s very demanding on missionaries so please pray for the Lord’s wisdom, guidance and help as they deal with needy people from day to day while working on translation and Bible lesson development. God’s Word is the truth that will set people free from constantly living in fear and bondage.

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