Urgent prayers and thankful hearts

Recently Francois left before sunup on the first leg of his visit to South Africa and Zimbabwa. He will be gone for several weeks. Whenever Francois leaves, the challenges seem to mount up and Nadia frequently struggles with unexpected crises…
Francois will visit several of their supporting churches and visit mission schools to see how church based missionary training works in other contexts and how they can best help and get involved with the local church’s outreach to the unreached or least reached peoples in Francois and Nadia’s region. Please pray for protection and that Francois will be an encouragement and be encouraged.
In the meantime, back in Mwinikaland, an unbelieving neighbour passed away last night after a terrible time of suffering. Good news and bad news, all in one day…The good news is that a man came by bicycle from a village a day’s cycling away to get a recording of the Bible lessons in eMwinika! He had heard it from someone who visited there and was desperate to hear all the lessons and Bible readings himself. He heard the Gospel the first time from friends of Francois and Nadia’s in Nampula, in1998! He is a true believer and has a beautiful testimony. Since he came to Christ, he has planted several churches and moved to this current location in 2009. He is from a neighbouring people group, the Marevone. He says that they all understand the Mwinika very well and for the first time things make sense to those who hear it. He wants to use the lessons as a tool to evangelise the people in his village and is excited to get the other half of the lessons at a later date!
The bad news… Nadia learned was, that one of the two guys in the Mwinika literacy team was diagnosed HIV+. He is still in denial. Although he understands God’s truth, Nadia is not really sure how much he is relying on Him yet. Please pray for him, he has a wife and two small children.
This month a Mwinika teacher that Nadia trained last year, will start his own Literacy class!
In July another man will start a literacy class, but this time at the local school! He already has a long list of people that are interested, both believers and unbelievers. Pray for both men and their students.
The team are very hard at work to check, print and prepare all the necessary materials.
The Hattinghs co-workers, the Hendersons return in July! The Lord’s timing is always 100%! Pray for them during these last weeks’ preparation, packing up and visits to supporting churches. Pray too that their transition back will be smooth – lots of big changes in a few short years.

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