Upside down

Marko and Annelie plan to stay for two to three years in their home church and Marko will train staff members and young men who will become elders in the future. In April they will move to a bigger flat in the village where their church is located. After more than six months with only one room and a small kitchen, they are looking forward to have more rooms and be able to invite people into their home.
Marko and Annelie are still enthusiastic to work with NTM and to help take the Gospel to the end of the earth. Therefore their second job is making the chronological teaching material known in churches and taking care of candidates (people who have finished the Mission training and heading for the Mission field abroad). These candidates will practise using the chronological teaching material in evangelistic home groups or in groups of asylum seekers who are interested in Christianity in Germany, etc.
In the past Marko and Annelie had no experience in this area, but they are now able to draw on the many good things they learnt in their mission training in North Cotes. Last month Marko and Annelie started a language course for asylum seekers who want to learn German – and they also used the same method they learned in ‘Mission Simulation’ for language learning. Marko and Annelie find this great fun. The language course has been taking place in their church due to the present lack of space in Marko and Annelie’s home. Now they run this course twice a week. About ten Syrian men are eager to learn German and they are motivated and hard-working. Some of them speak quite good English and so they have a lot of interesting conversations. Pray that these men and others that Marko and Annelie are in contact with will find Christ.
Many people in Marko and Annelie’s church are very interested in the work and so they will start a new language course for a second group of men. Marko and Annelie will support the young people who will run this course. Marko and Annelie have the deep impression that God provided this work for them and they really enjoy it. God has provided everything they need for this work, and they realise how good this kind of work is for all of the church members. Many people are praying that these refugees will find Christ. It is so exciting to see what God is going to do.
Recently Marko and Annelie had to say “good bye” to their precious VW. (See photo)After 16 years, 425.000 km across Europe, a lot of memories and blessings, it was somehow painful. But they are now blessed with a brand new black VW Caddy. God blessed them with brothers and sisters who are car dealers who provided it for them.

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