Update on the lessons

Three teaching meetings have been taking place each week in the Ga’dang, Philippines – Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The first night about 30 adults and 30 children attended. The second night they saw about 16 adults and 22 children. The third night they had 13 adults and 24 children. Three people had not been out to either of the first two meetings so that was encouraging.

The topics of lessons 1-3 were the Bible, God’s creation of all things, and God’s creation of Adam. Each lesson strove to drive home foundational truths about God and what can be learnt about Him from His Word. They also underscored some foundational concepts about man, who we are and how we ought to relate to our Creator God.

Building up to the starting date, missionaries Dennis and Valerie really did not know what to expect and how the lessons would be received.  They individually invited virtually everyone in the village (about 100 adults) and hoped that everyone would come but knew that was unlikely.

The truth of the Gospel is the only true lasting solution to the many challenges that face these dear people.  A large group of them that feel that their religious affiliation is meeting their spiritual need and another large group have no interest in a Bible Study.  The group that are attending falls somewhere in the middle and Dennis and Valerie are thankful for those who are attending.

A small core of faithful ones will probably continue to the end. In addition, a whole bunch of rowdy kids that are glad for something to do and each time another handful of curious ones check it out.  Dennis and Valerie know it is not about numbers but their heart aches for each individual.

One night they did a quiz for the kids with sweets for right answers. This served as a review but also doubled as a way to get the kids on track and filled in the time whilst they were waiting for the adults to show up.  It seems that they wait until they hear them speaking on the microphone before they head over so they went from two adults at the start to about eleven by the time the quiz was over.

Dennis and Valerie want to say thank you to all of you who are holding this venture up in prayer.  They have been through a real emotional roller coaster through the first week.  They thank the Lord for a glorious Gospel and Saviour to share; they look forward to what He is going to do, and the way He will show His might through weak vessels.

Please continue to pray for God to work in the hearts of the Ga’dang people and open their eyes to His incredible love and provision for them through Jesus.