‘Until the Race is Finished’

Several men have an interest in studying God’s Word, so Ragnar and Elizabeth were filled with joy when the Bible teacher showed an interest in going to teach them. Choosing a time when their rice fields were just planted, he made the ten-hour journey from one mountain village to another.

Back in 1992 when Ragnar and Elizabeth were living in the village and really enjoying their ministry, leadership asked them to consider moving to Manila to help in administration.

They loved their ministry in the village, which made it a very difficult decision. On the other hand, one thing that gave them peace in saying ‘yes’ was knowing that there were two other missionary families still in the village to continue the work. Sadly, both families were soon back in USA, leaving no one in the area to teach the new believers.

So after praying for this small group of believers for 25 years. Ragnar and Elizabeth are excited that God placed this desire in the Bible teacher’s heart. Even though it was only for one month, they are very thankful that this very gifted teacher was willing to go.

They would love you to join them in praying for him as he lives among the villagers – pray that the men who showed a desire to study His Word would be faithful in coming to each meeting. His plan is to teach them twice a day, so he can cover all 60 lessons in Phase I while he is there. Please pray that the listeners will have open minds and receptive hearts to what they are learning. Pray for the Bible teacher as he spends time with the people and that as he is surrounded by his fellow Igorots, that he will show them by example what he is teaching from his heart.

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