With church meetings and events gradually resuming in person, restrictions easing and his contract coming to an end Liam’s job is winding down. However, Liam and Ellen are excited to be able to continue many of their ministries with the local church throughout the next year.

They are planning to move onto the North Cotes College campus in about a month. This gives them plenty of time to settle in and unpack before orientation starts for their new roles at the end of August, and before the kids start school and nursery.

Pray for them as a family over the next couple of months. The word ‘unsettled’ is a big one for them right now. Once again, they are all facing leaving their home for a new one. Once again, they are sorting out, throwing away, and putting things in boxes. Once again, they face a change of not only surroundings but also routine, roles, and relationships! They are grateful that this move is back to somewhere mostly familiar, although things have changed since they left. Liam and Ellen are thankful that they can continue friendships and family relationships easily from their new location.

The kids are older and very aware of what is going on. Although they are excited, Liam and Ellen notice little signs of stress creeping in as the day approaches and upheaval happens once more. In addition, they are aware of stress and tiredness creeping up on them too!

Moving is a common part of missionary life, something they must get used to, and the kids must learn to endure. Heading off to the mission field unprepared for the impact of frequent change and unsettledness is unwise and naïve.

However, they are not called to ‘take things in their stride’. They are not called to do things in their own strength. They are not called to find their lives easy. They are stretched and squeezed and sometimes they feel rather battered about!

Liam and Ellen ask you to pray with them for supernatural strength, to enable them to lean fully on God and God alone. Please pray for wisdom as they navigate this with their kids, for patience and the ability to make decisions in a way that points them to Christ that they might lean on Him.

Pray that they will know peace, despite the chaos of moving and that, they will be steady, with their eyes fixed on Him who is unmoving. Only God can do that. He gives perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and their trust in Him.

Liam and Ellen are grateful for your prayers.