The 11-day Advanced Language Workshop Axel attended in Madang (a coastal town) was very helpful. During this time Sandra and the kids were able to enjoy some days at the beach. It was their first attempt at snorkelling in PNG. They found the underwater world truly awesome!
After the seminar Axel, Sandra and children, headed up into the Highlands to attend their annual regional conference that was held at Sobega, the Central Area base. Conference was a great time for them to reconnect, refresh and hear tribal reports. The speaker delivered some very encouraging and spot-on messages about struggles in ministry-relationships.
The Pal missionary team (Nate and Elizabeth Claasen, Chris and Maggie Hostetter and Axel and Sandra Fachner) had been struggling with some conflicts that they were not able to resolve on their own. Leadership was very willing to help them talk through some of those things. Meetings were held right after conference. Nate and Elisabeth Claasen flew in from the USA to attend.
The Lord used this time to speak truth into each member of the team’s lives and to receive forgiveness from Him and from one another. These meetings will be a good foundation for them to fall back onto when struggles arise again. Praise the Lord for His work in them and for bringing unity back to the team! They are unified in their commitment to one another and to the Pal church. By God’s grace they continue to do the work He called them to do!
Axel and Sandra are thankful to all who prayed faithfully for them and sent words of encouragement. Your prayers were answered.

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