The last couple of months have been unique, to say the least, for Seth, Rochelle, Manny, Tucker and Griffin Callahan, as they have continued along in their ministry among the Iski, wrapping up their lives in the jungle.

They have been engaging in a myriad of projects as they try to help disciple the Iski church in some practical skills so that they are equipped to take care of their own needs.

One of the more significant projects is to lead a small group of Iski Bible teachers in a topical class on fiscal responsibility. They were excited as they saw how much wisdom there is in the Bible concerning one’s personal finances and work ethic!

Another area that they have been trying to encourage the believers in is to be looking for ways to show love to their spouses and children outwardly. What tells your wife you love her more than building her a new cook stove? In an effort to help them on this domestic front, they have taken the opportunity to teach a few of their Bible teachers how to make bricks and engage in light masonry!

Developing a reference book (in the trade language) for the small medical dispensary that they started was also a project. National volunteers have been doing a great job meeting the basic medical needs of the church and neighbouring communities, and it is Seth and Rochelle’s hope that this programme might continue to be a blessing to the church after they leave. This book should be a helpful reference for the workers to use to keep themselves on track.

Besides the ministry tasks that they have been engaged in, they have also been trying to make time as a family to “say good-bye” to life in the jungle; taking a few hikes to a nearby river, roasting garden food over the fire, and trying to encourage the boys to enjoy their experiences.

Everyone is predominately processing the transition well, but it is still a bit stretching sometimes as they prepare to part with familiar geography and many material possessions.

The original plan was that their co-workers would join them again in the bush in October, which would have allowed them several months together before they left. Then, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, their return has sadly been delayed so time together will be significantly shorter.

Pray for Seth and Rochelle as they are ‘casting their cares’ upon the Lord. Please pray that they would be wise enough to make the most of the opportunity (because at times they do not always feel like ‘opportunities’)!

They are currently taking a break at one of the mission centres.