This year, has been marked by unforeseen events for André and Aurélie Tousch and family, including separations and trips from one end of the world to the other, all in the midst of the pandemic. However, in the changing circumstances, they know that the Lord does not let them down; His right hand is holding them fast, as King David assures in Psalm 139.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for the Tousch family and in particular for André’s health! After their arrival in France in mid-May, followed by quarantine, André was able to go through the required medical examinations quickly. They thank the Lord who allowed them to be put in contact with a specialist who went out of his way so that examinations could be carried out without delay so as not to keep them in France longer than necessary. The results are good; they have the green light from the doctors to go back to Papua New Guinea. They are preparing to travel again at the end of the month.

At the beginning of 2020 (before their stay in France last year), a translation consultant helped the team check several passages of Scriptures in the Iski language. Fifty percent of the New Testament has been translated, which is a major milestone in a translation project! However, a lot of proofreading, corrections and verifications were required before they could publish these portions.

One of André and Aurélie’s priorities after returning to the village at the beginning of the year, was to carry out these last checks with Iski friends to complete this project. During their last month in France, André was able to finish inputting all these modifications in the Bible translation software, work on the layout of the book, and order the proofs for verification. The last steps of the project have been reached! Two hundred books will be printed this week in the USA and their colleagues, the Williamsons, plan to bring them to PNG when they return at the end of the month!

The book is also available as an Android App so that it can be read on smartphones or tablets. Only a few of their Iski friends have smartphones, but they expect that in the future these tools will be more and more widespread.


  • For the medical examinations, the specialist who took care of André with great diligence and kindness, and the results, which allow for a quick return to the mission field.
  • For the trips that went well and the opportunity to see family and friends again.
  • This unforeseen trip to France has been opportunity for their children’s orthodontic appliances to be repaired and glasses to be replaced etc.


  • For their return trip, travelling during the pandemic is always stressful.
  • For negative Covid tests, no fever when boarding, and smooth travel.
  • For the Iski church, which they have not heard from since their departure from PNG.