Some changes have occurred with the music team that are making a CD (Isaan/Thai)as they need a few more male singers. Dorothy’s prayer is that this CD will be finished by the end of May.

Recently Dorothy met up with the Hope Behind Bars team and joined them in visiting four different prisons. It always amazes Dorothy how there are Christians that land up in prison and then she is amazed at how people become Christians once in the prison. The team heard the testimony of a number of prisoners, of how grateful they were that they were in prison. Had they not been in prison they would never have become Christians! Indeed God is working out His redemption in lives by using many means and people.

Dorothy’s co-workers have returned from being in the USA for three months and have spent a week doing an eyeglass project. Many adults in the village need glasses but do not have opportunity to see an eye doctor and some do not have the means to buy glasses. Having done this a few times already they are finding it to be a good project to help people. Later this spring when the new school years starts in May the doctor will go to the school and test the school kids.

Dorothy is thankful for your prayers. Pray for safety as she travels and for more writers and singers to put God’s word into music.

She would like to go to Canada/USA this summer for a short time. Pray for wisdom in decision-making.

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