As Andrew and Joanna McCready with Manoah and Chloe just got used to their new routine, many unexpected things happened. This has repeatedly caused them to return to their Heavenly Father to ask for His mighty hand to work and to guide them. He hasn´t failed them!

The son of their house helper had a bad concussion while playing football at the end of last month. She had to return to her village and care for him for the first few days and shortly after she brought him with her when she worked for a few weeks. Manoah enjoyed playing with him again. Hearing about the accident was quite emotional for Andrew and Joanna, as at first it looked extremely serious, especially due to limited health care. They are thankful that his health is restored.

A few weeks ago, their dear friends and co-workers had to return to their home country for an earlier home assignment and they dearly miss them and their four lovely girls.

Joanna´s language sessions were paused for a few weeks due to her language helper having to isolate. She is glad to be able to continue her sessions and meet up with her again.

Many of their local friends have changed their routine for a month. This time reminds them how important it is for people to know the true and living God rather than following rules and rituals.

They have also been sad to see their helper return to her village until June to prepare for her daughter’s wedding. They will miss her during this time. Pray for her and her family. Some of the dorm-teenagers will help them during this time. It will be nice for Andrew and Joanna to spend some extra time with some that they have not spent a lot of time with yet. It will also be a way of practising language as they are with them in the house.

From the 26th to the 30th of April Andrew, with two co-workers, is planning another trip to a nearby village, connected to the dorm-ministry. Pray that this will be a useful time. As before, Joanna and the kids will have two friends stay with them for some company and help. Pray for the girls. As a family, Joanna and the kids are hoping to join Andrew and another family on a tribal trip in the month of May.

Manoah enjoys football and nature. Chloe has had her first birthday.

Ever since arriving in Asia-Pacific in December Andrew and Joanna prayed and hoped for a one-year visa. It took a while but they asked people to pray and once again, God made it possible. Due to Covid they are not required to leave the country to ‘activate’ it and they are delighted to be able to stay and receive their visa once Andrew is back from his trip to the tribe. God truly works things out in wonderful ways.

They continue to do well and are thankful for mostly good health. They are finding their way round the city quite well now and are able to have basic conversations with people. Pray for their language helpers.

Pray for the next few weeks with all the things happening and the changes that are still ahead of them.