Unexpected answers

Praise the Lord that the Baxter Clan has been well for the last couple of weeks and the sickness seems to be phasing out.
Chris asked for prayer as she translated at the ladies’ retreat. She received very positive feedback from the ladies who took advantage of the translation service. Chris knows it was prayer and God’s grace that allowed it all to go so well. The whole retreat was great!
Chris was able to have “cafecito” (visit over a cup of coffee) with friends. It turns out both were seeking to learn more about the Lord and attend a Bible institute. Chris had the pleasure of taking them over to our Bible Institute and introducing them to the staff there so they could get more information. The couple are super excited and are praying that they will be able to start taking classes there in the autumn. They both work so we are praying that their schedules will allow them to do this. Chris had prayed for the lady for nearly six years and never dreamt that something like this would happen! Praise the Lord!
Continue to pray for Chris’ friend that has been given literature about a false religion!
The very sad news is that their friends that was in hospital died rather suddenly. Needless to say it was/is hard for everyone. Over that weekend they attended the wake, funeral and burial. Throughout the weekend they were able to spend some time with their friends’ son-in-law and granddaughter from the States. Abby and Sarah enjoyed spending time with the granddaughter. It was good to get to know them better and keep planting more seeds!
The Monday after the funeral the lady’s husband came over to talk with David and Chris for a while. They were able to share with him the message of the Gospel of grace again in a few different ways. He said it reminded him of a book that he was reading. He’s not really a reader, he said, but this book caught his attention. It turns out it was ‘The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus’ that lays out a chronological overview of the Bible and the Gospel. He has also been watching the DVD’s that go along with the book. God is working! Pray for him and his son as they deal with all the things in the house. Pray for the daughter and older son who are farther away but grieving a lot as well.
Something else David and Chris did not expect was the sudden change in the health of David’s brother-in-law, Eric Moorhead, husband of his oldest sister, May. Eric had been taken into hospital and his condition quickly deteriorated and he died .The comfort of knowing that Eric is in heaven is such a consolation and contrast to the hopelessness of those who die without putting their faith in Christ. Please pray for all the family as they process this loss. One thing is true, God remains the same, ever good and ever faithful no matter what comes our way.

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