Ragnar and Elizabeth’s first two weeks back in Nayba with the Kankanaey believers were very encouraging. Ragnar was able to spend many hours each day going over the lessons on Romans with three believers. Elizabeth loved hearing their excitement and showing of their understanding of what the Apostle Paul was sharing. They had been looking forward to this for quite some time and had planned to continue this basic routine until the end of May.

However, during that time, for some unknown reason Elizabeth’s left knee began to buckle unexpectedly at various times and places, causing her to suddenly fall, (on the cement kitchen floor, coming down the stairs and in their outside yard – just to name a few) which resulted in severe pain in her left knee and thigh. As hard as it was to leave their friends in the village, they felt it was necessary to go to Manila and have it checked out. After seeing several doctors, and having almost every test imaginable, over several weeks, there is still no conclusion.

As the falls continued, Elizabeth went from walking with a cane to using a ‘walker’. At this point, it would basically be impossible for her to climb the mountain up to their house, let alone manoeuvre the ladder type staircase once she was there. The difficult decision has basically been made for them. They will need to find a place to stay in Baguio, and Ragnar will make trips back and forth to Nayba. It is not the first choice for either of them, but they know the Lord must be allowing this for a reason.

Ragnar made a trip to Nayba to bear this sad news. He was not looking forward to that, but the night before he left, they had a very uplifting note from the men Ragnar is working with, sharing with them that they had gathered to pray for Elizabeth, and for their future plans.

Ragnar and Elizabeth would appreciate your continued prayers for this unforeseen situation that they find themselves in.