Phil had to make an unexpected trip to Australia to participate in a series of meetings followed by an unexpected trip to Kenya. Elin found the three weeks Phil was away hard but God was faithful through it all and they are now all back to their places of life and ministry and doing well.

Phil is happy to be home and back into a routine. He is getting back into translation, teaching and discipleship again. He will be finishing the second half of David’s life in the next few weeks and preparing for a translation check with a NTM translation consultant in mid-March.

Elin is busy working with three women’s groups each week (two discipleship groups and one evangelistic outreach) as well as assisting with a new literacy class and just getting around and spending time with people.

Elias is happy to have his dad home and continues to make good progress in school. They are waiting to hear if he has a place at the same school as his sister, starting in the autumn. Pray for Callie that she will continue to grow personally and in her studies and for Elias, as they trust the Lord for wisdom for his educational future.

The believers groups have begun studying the book of I Corinthians and the Lord has been using it as a great tool to stir up conversation and spur them on in service for Him. It is encouraging for Phil and Elin to hear them reiterating their faith in Christ alone for salvation.

One young man who has only been attending the teaching for approximately a year now, and whom Phil and Elin had doubts about whether he fully understood the Gospel, recently said during a meeting: “I want to say something. It is only by faith in Christ alone and what He did on the cross that saves us, isn’t that right? That is what I am hearing and believing!”

A new group of students have begun literacy and four teachers are in training. They are very excited to have more literacy teachers so that in turn there can be more literacy classes.

Pray for discipleship and teaching as Phil and Elin work with the believers and as God’s Word goes forth, impacting hearts and lives.

Pray for the community development project that Phil and Elin are helping the community facilitate to raise the education level of the village via distance learning classes.

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