Often when Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach, who serve among the Glarro people of Liberia, think they have a little bit of a routine going, something unexpected happens again. One of the older ladies who was part of a group Amy read Bible lessons to, became very sick. Aaron took her to the hospital in a local town, and initially, she seemed to recover a little. However, she suddenly took a turn for the worse and died a few days later. Her death was especially hard for Amy as the lady had heard some of the Bible lessons but she had not come to an understanding of the Gospel. Amy struggles with the question of could she have done more to try to reach her.

At the time the lady died, Aaron, had returned to town to take a pregnant girl to the hospital (at 2am). He brought the lady’s body back to the village for the burial. When Aaron arrived in the village, he was very sad to see the people wailing and crying. Not only because they had lost a friend and relative, but because they do not know about the living hope found in Jesus.

It is another reminder of how uncertain the time is we have here on earth. Aaron and Amy are looking forward to the day when they will be ready to start teaching Bible lessons to the Glarro as a whole, which they hope, will be early next year.

Currently, Aaron and Amy are in Monrovia. Their visitors (Amy’s cousin and her husband) recently arrived, and they are excited to have them with them until December. They would like to do some supply shopping before they all fly to the village in a week.

They thank God:

– For the living hope that He has given them, and that He has opened a way for people to come to Him.

– That He wants to use people for His glory, in spite of their shortcomings and failures.

– For the safe arrival of their visitors.

Please pray:

– That Aaron and Amy will be bold in looking for and finding more opportunities to speak the truth of God’s Word to those who they meet.

– That their visitors will be able to acclimatise easily to life in Liberia and that they would all find daily strength and comfort in God their Saviour.

– That they are able to travel to get supplies and that they can get a bit rested while they pack things up for their flight back to their area of Liberia.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron, Amy and the Glarro people.