Understanding more

Adrian and Evelyn Jotter with Melissa, Lukas and Olivia are continuing their language and culture study of the Visaya language in the Philippines. They are thankful for a good month of learning language, deepening relationships and home schooling for Melissa and Lukas.

They were able to attend a few graduation celebrations and through that learned a lot about the importance of education in Filipino culture. Another blessing was experiencing two baptism services, one for four teenage missionary kids who were baptised in a paddling pool at the mission guesthouse. The other for three people from their church who were baptised in a baptism pool behind the church.

They are also thankful that their kids’ relationships to their neighbour’s children has also deepened this past month so that they now love to play with them every day; and their joy in going to Sunday school has also increased of late (it has been hard for them because it is in Visaya and English).

They are slowly understanding more in church services and Bible studies which makes Sundays a little bit less exhausting. Bible-Visaya is a totally different level than everyday-Visaya!

Evelyn has been sick with a cold for the last two weeks but is finally getting better. Thankfully most of the other missionaries that were unwell are well again too.

Pray for:

Continued motivation in studying Visaya, culture and developing relationships – they have now finished about half of phase 4 but it is not always easy.

Protection for their kids that they will not be influenced by wrong thinking but always believe the truths of the Bible.

Melissa and Lukas to be happy to attend Sunday school without Evelyn needing to stay with them, so she can attend the women’s Bible study that takes place at the same time.

A family from the USA that have spent a year learning language but need to move back to the States unexpectedly for medical reasons.