Under construction

Over the past couple weeks David Baxter and his team of missionaries and contractors, have made a lot of progress with construction work at the mission school in Mexico.

After lots of researching, measuring, calculating, purchasing and installing, the 90 windows of the school building have new blinds! David and his team have worked hard on this project and it looks great! A real blessing for teachers and students.

In the desert location, evaporation (“swamp”) coolers are used to cool the buildings during the intense heat of summer. David is overseeing a project to construct a platform for the coolers to make for safer maintenance. It is almost finished!

David has had to take on some carpentry skills as he builds a ramp for one of the new associate teachers. A couple who are not quite ready for retirement are dedicating time to teach on the mission field, before settling down in the USA, and plan to teach at the school in the autumn! David is making a ramp up to their apartment to help with their physical limitations. The school team greatly appreciate their willingness to join them at this time in their lives and with their challenges.

These are just a few of the many projects that have been going on behind the scenes. They are thankful for all who are working hard to get all these things done during the summer months.

Next week, David and Christine will be heading from Chihuahua to San Diego, California. It is roughly a 16-hour trip, so they would appreciate your prayers. They are looking forward to seeing their daughters Abby and Sarah and all of their California family.

Later this month they plan to fly to Dublin, Ireland. They will be able to self-isolate in Northern Ireland. David’s mum had been in hospital but is currently at home. It will be great for them to be with their family for about a month.

In July, David and Christine will return to San Diego and then on to Chihuahua. Lots of travel ahead! They would appreciate your prayers for safety and smooth travel every step of the way. Thanks so much.