At the end of 2021, David and Shari Ogg were thankful to have finished proofing the digital text of the Simbari Bible. As they waited for their sample hardcopies they kept thinking, “All we want for Christmas is the Simbari Bible.” Due to some delays over the holiday, it did not arrive until January. In the meantime, David kept reading the digital version trying to make it through a few books a day. Now they are happy to say that they have hardcopy samples of the Simbari Bible in hand. It is beautiful! They are so happy with it and are now reviewing it to make sure all is good. This should be a fairly quick check as they look for anything that might have been missed before. They will probably need to have another hardcopy sent for final checking depending on what they find during their checking. (Shari already found a broken up word missing a hyphen mark.) Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance especially since this is pretty much their last chance to make any editing adjustments.

David’s translation helper has felt God leading him to return to the village to teach and disciple there. On the way to the village he is staying a while in Goroka and is using the time away from distractions to work on some Bible lessons. Recently he shared how the illustrations of the soldier, athlete and farmer in 2 Timothy “ajuulowosoka-pierced” his heart. In addition, about 2 Tim. 2:9 saying, “the Word of God is not bound.”

It looks like this year, 2022, is when the printed Bible will finally arrive in Simbari. David and Shari are hoping and praying that the “unbound” Word of God will transform the hearts and minds of the Simbari people even beyond what they can imagine. Thank you for your prayers.