Whilst Jonathan and Heidi Bamford are on home assignment in the USA, back in the Philippine jungle, their Isnag friends and co-workers have experienced a terrible storm. Typhoon Egay (Doksuri) dumped an amazing amount of water in their valley.  There was a lot of damage, but fortunately no one was hurt in the village where they serve, and most of the retaining wall remained standing to protect the village. The last building in the village had not yet been protected by a retaining wall. That was the next project on Jonathan’s list.  Now it is teetering on the edge.  That building is a government building that was being used for Sunday school and for training ladies to sew clothing.  Their co-workers, the Maynards, and their Isnag friends have rescued all the equipment from the building and have put it in a safe place.

Prayer and Praise:

  • Praise: For safety in travels and good opportunities to share.
  • Praise: That no one was killed or injured during the storm and no residences were lost.
  • Prayer: For provision for those who lost their rice fields due to landslides.
  • Prayer: For the Maynards. That they would have strength and grace to work through all the issues that come with a disaster like this.