Typhoon Koppu

The ‘centre’ (storm shelter/clinic/library) was once again used to shelter several families through Sunday night. Donovan and Charla are grateful for the Australian team that built this strong shelter for the people. It continues to be used by those who need it most.
The ocean waves packed a real punch as Donovan and Charla’s house shook as the waves hit the shore line just past their front yard, but it never breached the yard. Strong winds also picked up on Saturday evening and continued all day Sunday. No damage was done to their house. Ironically the village kids (Donovan and Charla’s included)…. and some adults….. enjoyed the challenge of playing basketball, volleyball and other games on the airstrip.
However there was damage as a result of the typhoon. One boat was destroyed by a log that floated down the river; waves caused it to crash on to the boat which smashed the boat it into pieces. Many crops were partially damaged from the wind and pushed over from the flooding of the river, but no lives were lost, and all the houses/grass huts in the village remained standing.
Praise the Lord with Donovan and Charla that He granted them protection and pray that they continue to live lives among the people that point to Christ no matter the outcome of these typhoons.
Also continue to pray for others in the Philippines that were affected by Typhoon Koppu.

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