Two weeks filled with blessings

Building relationships with the people went very well. They helped André and Jason a lot. As they worked together André and Jason taught them new skills which they used straight away and became more and more confident. That’s how they want the teaching to be done; they want the people to be able to learn and then to become independent of the missionaries.
Jan-Peter Mol was also able to join them on the trip. André met Jan-Peter at Bible school in England. He is from the Netherlands and is a professional woodcutter. He works for the mission in PNG and so he really was the man for the situation! His presence with them was a real blessing and André and Jason realised that without him they wouldn’t have accomplished much work!
No one got injured or sick, which is a big blessing considering the living conditions! During nine days in the village they lived just like the village people live, no running water, limited hygiene and drinking rain water! They also ate sweet potatoes, yams, rice, fish, cassowary, wild pig and crocodile!
The work went very well and they have cut and slabbed more than half the wood they need for house building! That is way more than what they thought they would accomplish on this first trip.
A neighbouring tribe that have an established church also sent someone to help them. In the future the team want to work with this church in reaching the people with the Gospel.
Continue to pray for the people, that they stay motivated and hungry for the truth!

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