Two vehicles

Francois and Nadia have heard the “horror stories” about this process, but are praying for a miracle. Please pray with them that the paperwork will go ahead smoothly, without any more halts and waiting. They have only one week left to get the vehicles exported and then imported. This is the only way Francois and Nadia can see that Francois would get a week to travel to Mwinika (a good +-2000km and many days’ drive from the capital), set things up again at home after many months away so that it is liveable, and then leave for meetings and ministry in West-Africa. If he is not able to set up the home, Nadia, Franco and Waldo will be stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Presently Nadia and Waldo are in the north of Mozambique where Nadia is attending a Literacy Workshop. They can’t go home until they have running water, working electricity and perhaps the most important: a reliable vehicle. Other options include staying in the city up north until Francois returns at the end of June, but this would create other problems, such as flying back to South Africa to wait, which would be very costly as would flying Francois and Franco in to help set up home or getting a temporary import and driving one vehicle up.
Francois and Franco are still in South Africa trying to get the vehicles exported. The paper work is dragging on, and Francois had to re-do some due to a difference in what they suppose is needed on both countries’ sides.
Importing a vehicle into Mozambique within a week seems impossible. Francois and Nadia trust the Lord and His timing for them and pray that they will stay confident in knowing that no matter what happens, He is in control and has a purpose for it all. They believe that He gave them these vehicles at the time He saw fit. May He be glorified in whatever circumstance Francois and Nadia find themselves!

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