Two projects finished

In a recent update Jan and Annette Wols, who serve among the Lamogai people of Papua New Guinea, shared, “In Acts 20:24… Paul speaks about his desire to fulfil his duty, to bring the Good News of Christ, with joy. The service to the Lord is often hard and difficult as we work as people with people in a broken world. It is more obvious than ever before… we desire to continue, through His grace and do it with joy!”

They have been back to a workable measure of health and finished the last proofreading and checking of the Lamogai Bible and sent it to their co-worker in the USA. He is reading through the whole Lamogai Bible one more time and will work on the last formatting, including the drawings and maps.

It is hoped that they will be able to hand the Lamogai Bible to the people this year. However, there are three factors that influence this possibility:

  1. Their co-worker (who is well past retiring age) has to work on the last read-through and formatting alongside his travel and teaching and checking schedule.
  2. The timing of sending the finished documents to the printer in the Netherlands… and how many other book orders are ahead of the Bible printing.
  3. Once the Bibles are printed, the extra time it will take to ship them to Papua New Guinea due to the uncertain shipping situation in the Red Sea.

Please pray for those involved and the different factors and situations.

The revision of the Lamogai literacy programme is also finished. Currently there are some literacy teachers visiting for a workshop, so they know the differences between the new and old programme. This week they first order of the new programmes was sent to the printshop in PNG. Praise the Lord that they could finish this project as well and that God is again providing funds to produce literacy sets for seventeen schools/churches throughout the Lamogai area.

Jan and Annette finished these two projects just before their planned home assignment. They now plan to return to the Netherlands for six months to spend time with their children and grandchildren there and in Norway, to work on their medical and dental needs, report to their supporters, attend two conferences, and make a start on the renovation of their studio- apartment on the farm where their daughter Nadine and family are living. They will be able to stay in the caravan on the property.

Christ is worthy, the whole Bible in the Lamogai Language will soon be in the hands of the Lamogai people. Jan and Annette are grateful for the part you play in the service to the Lord through prayer.