Two more books

About a month before Andrew and Cathy Goud left Papua New Guinea, where they serve among the Wusuraambya people, a lifelong friend of Cathy’s, who has been praying for Wusuraambya for many years, was able to visit. Cathy and her friend, along with a large group of local believers hiked four to five hours to the outreach church in another village. They went to encourage the believers there. They sang songs, and some believers shared testimonies of God helping them. It was wonderful to see God at work amongst these dear brothers and sisters. Hiking all the way back was challenging but God gave them the strength. It was very special that Cathy was able to share all God is doing with her dear friend, who was also a big help cooking, cleaning, and packing up whilst Andrew and Cathy were so busy preparing for the translation check.

Many Wusuraambyan friends visited to say goodbye, which is always hard, but they were looking forward to seeing family and friends in Canada. First, they flew to Goroka with their translation helpers and the following day began the translation check with their translation consultant. Most of the verses came back very accurately. For the few problem verses they were advised on alternate ways to translate. It was very encouraging for them to see how well this final check went. Now two more books of the Wusuraambya New Testament have been completed.

Andrew and Cathy saw God’s hand in an amazing way as they travelled. Flights were delayed and connections missed. For part of the trip their tickets were erased. But God got them home to Canada towards the end of March. Praise His wonderful name! They travelled via the Netherlands so that they could connect with their supporting church. They were also able to visit with some dear friends who they have worked with in PNG. They also visited Cathy’s sister and her family in Ireland.

Since Andrew and Cathy have been in Canada, fifteen Wusuraambya people were baptised. Also, many people in another village are interested in hearing the chronological Bible lessons, however, there is also much opposition, but teaching has started in a small way. Please pray as Satan has had this village, and a neighbouring one, held in darkness for far too long. These two villages are Satan’s stronghold. Only with much prayer will there be a breakthrough there.

Andrew and Cathy would also appreciate your prayers for God’s wisdom regarding some family matters.

Thank you for faithfully standing with Andrew and Cathy through prayer, and for being part of their team.