Two elders

After many prayers and thoughts and talks, the Lord directed the team to appoint two of the four Bible teachers as elders. During a special service last Sunday, they made it official.
As you can imagine the team are all very excited to have reached this point in the Dinangat work – and they know that it is all by God’s grace that they have come so far! Thank you so much for your prayers! Please continue to pray for the two elders and their wives: for wisdom, joy, patience and protection as they embark on this new journey as elders for the Dinangat church!

Since the beginning of June the Schlegels (Ralf and Elli with Naomi, Rebekka and Mimi) have been a complete family again! Naomi and Rebekka finished their 11th and 9th grade years and are back in Dinangat. The family are so thankful that for this coming school year they will stay together. They are moving to Goroka for Naomi’s senior year before she returns to Germany in June 2017. In Goroka, all three girls will go to school while Ralf will keep working full time on the Dinangat Bible translation, and Elli will keep working on it part-time.
In just a couple of weeks Elli’s parents will meet up with them in the North of Australia for a two-week vacation together. They are very, very excited about this as they haven’t seen them for two years.

There are also some changes that will take place for their two co-worker families. The Smiths will move to the NTM Centre in Goroka in order to take over the dorm parent ministry. The Markleys are returning from their year of home assignment in the USA and will move back into Dinangat. This time, though, their two older boys will stay in Goroka and live in the dorm with the Smiths to be able to attend school there. They would appreciate your prayers as they face these big changes.
Ralf and Elli are thankful for your prayers and being a part of the precious ministry God allows them to be a part of!

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