Two big things!

The Lord has provided for two big things! How good He is!

Remarkable! A persecuted widow receives enough money to complete building her house so she can move away from persecution.

All the money has been provided for the building budget for a persecuted Senegalese widow to complete her house, which is right now just bare walls! She needs to get out of the relatives’ house where she is living with her four young children, since the family are demanding that she marry her husband’s brother, an unbeliever. She is a relatively young Christian, but is standing her ground.

The Lord has moved the hearts of people in four different countries to contribute towards the costs, so now she can go ahead and build. Some of the money is already there and available. Amazing!

Even more remarkable!

In addition, a missionary in Senegal who had a critical medical evacuation to Portugal earlier this year is now back in his village home in Senegal and all the medical costs are paid (over £50,000)!

Recently an event was organised for people in two language groups who were listening to the scripture teaching on the radio in their respective languages. There were no seekers present from one language group – which was somewhat disappointing; one lady did attempt to attend, but could find no transport! However, a handful from the second language group did attend, and they were encouraged by it; so that is an answer to prayer!

They are thinking of having a similar event in a few months.

Rejoice with Dubby and Anna at God’s blessing of others!