Twenty-twenty vision

Theo and Martha Enns are anticipating God’s vision and enabling for 2020. Pray that they will have the right perspectives and priorities in their efforts to serve Africa from their home in Alabama, USA.

After 42 years of full-time missionary work with Ethnos Canada, they are still translating material into French for their Mission’s missionary training (called « Vision Intégrale » = in English: Comprehensive View) for African believers. These African candidates are being prepared to help reach the many people groups of Africa that still do not have the Gospel in their own language.

Pray for Theo to have clarity and for simplicity in translating material into French for FSL missionary candidates (FSL = French-as-a-Second-Language. Africans learn French in school, since they usually grow up learning their mother tongue (or heart language) in their homes, as their “first” language. These African missionaries will need to learn other unwritten languages, in order to be able to translate the Scriptures into those languages, too).

Pray for God to raise up more labourers to reach the many language groups still without a Bible.