Truly blessed

The Lord has truly blessed them with their love for one another all of those years. They have lived in six different countries and six different states in the USA. Not much grass has been able to grow under their feet through the years.
They are going to take a two-week trip this month to visit friends, relatives, and their home church. They really look forward to seeing their friends and trust that the Lord will give them safety in travel and good times of fellowship.
They ask for prayer that God would raise up many more believers who would take the Gospel to the 1,000s of tribal groups without it. Tribal ministry is still very close to their heart.
Continue to pray for Jim and Marge’s ministry to the nursing home each week as they sing, preach, and talk with the residents.
The NTM USA mission headquarters is renovating a building to move into. Pray for finances and for workers to come and help with the renovation.
Jim and Marge praise the Lord that on March 21 there was a dedication programme with the theme “To God Be the Glory” for the new chapel at the NTM retirement centre. Truly God has done great things. In May, 2009 there was a ground-breaking ceremony for the new chapel. The previous chapel was never built to be used as a chapel, and there was a need for more rooms for residents, so a new chapel was planned.
The majority of the work had to be done during the volunteer season, November-March of every winter. The construction really got started in late 2010 with the pipes, etc., being put into the ground. Then a company came in and poured the cement floor. From time to time they did hire out certain parts of the construction.
Work was done as finances allowed. Now, after all the years of planning and looking forward to this new chapel, they have moved in and are using it each day for chapel. What a blessing it is to each of the residents!

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